Rent Guarantor - How it works?

One of the biggest problems tenants face when renting a property is not having a UK guarantor. This is a huge worry if you are not able to pay 6-12 months rent in advance to secure your property. Even if you do pay rent in advance, you may still need a UK guarantor.

Whether you're a student or in employment from the UK or abroad, we can be your UK guarantor so that you can pay your rent monthly.

Starting at just £249, our application process is simple.

Apply - Just fill in the online application form

Decision – We’ll give you a quote instantly and have a member of the team on hand to guide you through the next stages.

Landlord - We will contact your Landlord or Estate Agent to confirm they're willing to accept us as your Rent Guarantor.

Payment - Once all the paperwork is complete we'll send you a secure payment link so you can pay your fee online when its convenient for you.

Guarantee – We will act as your UK guarantor, so you can pay your rent monthly.

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